Flawless Jade Book Club

A Sagacious Circle of Friends

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This community is for the members of the Flawless Jade Book Club to discuss their weekly readings.
This community is a recently formed book club inspired by the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. We got our name from the classic Chinese novel "A Dream of Red Mansions." We are group of friends that love books, love reading, and.....speaking for myself, I love all the members of this club.

We are, as I mentioned, passionate readers and students of life. We get along well together and in so many ways we compliment each other. Yet, as luck would have it, we have never met in person. So, this forum is the feasible way that we can 'meet' and discuss what we are reading.

Each week I will post the section/chapter we are discussing and from there the members can either reply to the main post or make their own post as long as it is in reference to this week's reading.

Photos from members are welcome. It is nice to see our members and especially nice to see members with the actual book we are discussing.

Our first book for discussion is: Blossoms Gathered at Dusk by Madame Li Huarui

And our first reading will be the foreword and first section titled: Always Hopeful

The book club host:

name: Jade Teacup
age: 31
sex: male
relationship status: taken
race: pale
religion: Unorthodox Christian
location: A hill in Tennessee

If you have any questions please feel free to write me using the LJ private message option in my profile.