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Name or LJ username (whatever you feel comfortable with): Logospilgrim, a.k.a. the quiet professor

Age: 40

Location (again, only if you feel comfortable revealing that): Quebec, Canada

What books interest you? Theology, spirituality, classic novels (such as Frankenstein), non-fiction (especially history).

Do you write or want to be a writer? I have jotted a few words here and there ;-) (see my website,

I am currently at work upon The flawed master: lessons Professor Snape taught me, which will be published in a month or two. Do forgive my sporadic participation; I am a bit frazzled at the moment.
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Getting to know each other.

Hey this is Jade Teacup your host.

I feel like last week's discussion went well. I truly enjoyed reading all the comments and thoughts about the first selection of Blossoms Gathered at Dusk.

I thought it might be nice if we all got to know each other better. I know you all know me, some of you know each other from LJ and elsewhere online, but I know there are some that are still strangers to each other.

SO, I'd like each member to do a little post(don't reply to this post, but make your own). It doesn't have to be long, all we need is an intro. That being said, if you want to write more, please do.

Name or LJ username(whatever you feel comfortable with
Location(again, only if you feel comfortable revealing that)
What books interest you?
Do you write or what to be a writer?

As for me, right now, aside from Blossoms Gathered at Dusk, I'm reading a book about Jesus. Not the vague, watered-down Jesus I have often been confronted with at church, but a teacher of radical thought and someone that taught inner purity over outward ritual....and so on.

Any of you that know me, know that I have long struggled with my faith. How to apply it to my life? Figure out what it all means and what it is all about. And to come to terms with it based on my lifestyle choices.

This book was recommended to me by logospilgrim and I highly recommend it to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of Jesus and a more profound sense of what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Ok, now let me hear from you.

The first meeting of the Flawless Jade Book Club is now called to order........

Here is my copy of our first selection: Blossoms Gathered at Dusk by Madame Li Huarui. This is a very recent book by a relatively unheard of author.

I hope you all have your copies at hand and are ready to read, and most importantly, discuss.

In just a few, I will post the first reading section behind a cut and the discussions will go from there.

Take care,
Jade Teacup