Dreamwalker (broom__rider) wrote in flawless_jade,

An intro.

Name or LJ username: Anya. broom__rider.

Age: I am old enough to be a wife and a mom, yet not old enough to stop to believe in love and other useless, but from my point of view important things. Some people associate me with Mrs. Addams.

Location: Northern Colorado, USA at the moment. It's not my native location though. I was born in Moscow, and spent two thirds of my life in Russia. I'm a nomad. I had moved 4 times for the last 7 years.

What books interest you? Heh. A few years ago I'd say: fantasy, poetry, myths & legends, world's folklore, horror, philosophy, classical mystery, religion, and anything that'd catch my attention. But those days I practically had stopped reading books. The reason is : "I've read it (or something like it) before". For the last couple of years I am reading only poetry - mostly Japanese poetry in translations, and the poetry of Russian Silver Age. It's not about substance, it's about the form.... Sometimes (quite rarely) I read other books, the books that I found exceptional. You can ask me what the heck am I doing in a book club... It'd be a good question:)

Do you write or what to be a writer?I write haiku- and tanka- poetry occasionally. In English and Russian. I don't think that it's good enough to be published, and don't have a desire to share it with many.
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